Positive feedback, or exacerbating feedback, is a process that …

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You feel the need to speak with Meeko and possibly Karth. And if one is the answer and the other is the other, is there any way to decide. This solution is quite uncommonly given and even uncommonly employed. D rather not think about it too much. Re just going to survive this week no matter who you talk to. T going to last you very long if those freaks keep coming out of the wood. You also need all those supplies to stay alive. Re a lot less worried about Meeko and Kat on their own. Re more worried about them together and what that implies about your relationship. S your only ally right now. You look at Kat, his expression has been one of worry as well, but his hands are resting in his pockets as he watches you. S not making any eye contact either. T look up, but your worry about him increases a bit. I thought you were the one looking at me a lot more often these days. Ve got to get out of here because I can already smell the cannibals outside. S when you realize that Meeko has been following you all this time. You have no idea how that little fucker caught your eye in the first place, but he must have because he.

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