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Txt You acceptYou accept the translation of the documents with a heavy heart. It was the best day of her life; as usual, it was the day of a wedding and she was getting married to the very handsome and extremely wealthy Lord Zadok. It was his idea, to be sure, but she wasnt going to be deterred by any mere whim of his, not after all the things shed gone through in keeping a lid on his sexual advances. When they were alone, her thoughts turned once more to the two children they were going to raise together. She couldnt imagine her life without them, though she knew shed never really be the mother shed always longed to be. Of course, it was going to be much different for the newborn children. Their father, Lord Zadok, would be a very busy man, since he would also be expected to lead the combined armies of the Five Nations. She found herself fantasizing about the two small ones shed carried in her arms. She was in love with him; it was a strange feeling, but one shed grown to understand and even love. They wouldnt ever be able to be together, even in another place, but then again she wouldnt be here to make it impossible. As the ceremony began to wind down and everyone was packing up, she stopped Zalmora and asked if she should go with her to let the others know what was going to happen, or go back with her own friends. I know what youre going to say, Zalmora said. You know how important some of these plans are for the kingdom. You go with ZalThe next day, you left the castle to join Zal and her friends. It was still the biggest decision youd ever had to make, though the decision it was was a big one for you. We were thinking something to honor the relationship between us and our prince, of course. Or we could call it Zals Family, which might be a little more formal, but not too much. You go with ZalAt least you were going to get to marry the man you loved, and not some other woman, like you were originally planning on doing. After that decision, the wedding preparations went quickly.

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