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When you get home you find your mom and dad with an unexpected visitor. As you enter the house, youre met with loud music and the constant noise of people having fun. Your eyes dart around the house and you hear a couple people say something about the door. Your gaze eventually lands on a few doors that are open in the entryway. In the backyard you see a large RV sitting in the middle of the yard. Another door in the entryway leads to a bedroom on the other side of the house, where you assume your aunt is sleepingThe fucks going on. You see a woman wearing a pink towel on the bed. Shes holding a guitar in one hand and a towel in the other. She looks up and smiles at you, Hi, Suzy. Without another word, she swings the guitar at the door and it flies open. Leaving you completely open for whatever Aunt Penny is planning. Youve heard enough horror stories about the undead to last you a life time. You grab your bag from downstairs and open it up. You grab your bat from the nightstand and head upstairs. When you reach your room, you grab your backpack from your desk and grab a quick snack. Before you know it, youre in the basement and on your way to the basement door. Youve never been there before but you think you know where it is. As you get closer, you can already smell the stench of decay. Its no wonder theres been a sudden rise in the number of dead bodies in your town. You look down an the large hole in the floor you made. You figure youll be able to hear all the sounds of the living below you and youll be able to get to my aunts basement if she comes home and tries to stop you. The hole is about the size of a basketball court and the ground surrounding it has been trampled over with the dead being crushed or crushed through the hole. The hole is about waist deep but it appears youll be able to squeeze through it. You hear someone say down below and turn your head to see who said it. The sound of someone breathing is heard before you hear a loud thud and a voice screaming, What the fuck, Suzy. You turn around and see your moms half naked figure on the floor and you immediately realize it was her who dug the hole. Your eyes also meet your aunts and, Ah fuck it.

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