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A UK police force has issued an urgent warning to drivers of a popular hatchback – with one stolen every six hours in a UK region.

Essex Police revealed that 100 Ford Fiestas have been stolen in the county over the last month alone.

And cops urged drivers to fit extra security devices and remain vigilant as one of the beloved models is stolen every six hours.

The force recommended gadgets like steering wheel and handbrake locks to deter criminals.

The sharp rise in thefts is believed to have been at least partially sparked by Ford's decision to discontinue the Fiesta last year.

Since no new examples are rolling off production lines, demand for parts to keep existing cars on the road has grown.



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This has provided thieves with a lucrative market for second-hand components, which they then obtain illegally.

Social media users in Essex have been vocal about the crime spree.

One wrote: "Some absolute scumbags have stolen my mum’s Fiesta in Chelmsford."

The £10,000 hatchback enjoyed a production run of over 40 years and sold more than 20 million units.

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However, slumping sales amid competition from other brands saw the manufacturer pull the plug, with the final Fiesta produced in July.

The company has also announced its plans to scrap all of its internal combustion-based models, with the lineup going all-electric by 2030.

A spokesperson for Essex Police said: "This particular Ford model is being targeted by thieves across the county.

"We are urging Fiesta owners to ensure they have adequate security on their vehicles.

"The thieves are believed to be stripping the cars suggesting they expect there could be a shortage of spares."

Ford has been contacted for comment.

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