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TWO legendary paradox Pokémon have been added to Scarlet & Violet, and are available in five-star raids.

Scarlet exclusive, Walking Wake, is the paradox form of Suicune, while Iron Leaves, is the paradox Virizion exclusive to Violet.

They will both be available in raids until Sunday, March 12, 2023, after which we don’t know when they will be available again.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new paradox raids, and the best Pokémon to counter them.

Pokémon SV: Walking Wake

Walking Wake is a Dragon-/Water-type form of Suicune that like its modern form, is known for its bulk. 

This is probably the easier of the two to take down, and is only available in Scarlet.

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If you own Violet and want Walking Wake you will have to take part in online raids.

Here’s the full build for Walking Wake.

Walking Wake – Level 100

  • Nature – Random
  • Ability – Protosynthesis
  • Item – None
  • Tera-type – Water
  • Move set – Dragon Pulse, Noble Roar, Flamethrower, Hydro Steam. Battle opens with Sunny Day

Best counters for Walking Wake

If you took down Greninja and Pikachu, then you likely will have a battle ready Gastrodon already.

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Storm Drain will boost its special attack when Walking Wake uses Hydro Steam, while Yawn can protect you from everything else.

Here’s our recommended set.

Gastrodon – Level 100

  • Nature – Calm
  • Ability – Storm Drain 
  • Item – Shell Bell
  • Tera-type – Ground
  • Moves – Earth Power, Recover, Yawn, Amnesia

Wo-Chien has incredible bulk, and can also dish out powerful special attacks.

Giga Drain will help gain back health, while Solar Beam doesn’t recharge thanks to Walking Wake setting up Sunny Day.

Here’s our recommended set.

Wo-Chien – Level 100

  • Nature – Calm
  • Ability – Tablets of Ruin
  • Item – Big Root
  • Tera-type – Grass
  • Moves – Giga Drain, Growth, Solar Beam, Grassy Terrain

If you’ve been doing raids for a while you also probably have built a decent Iron Hands set.

Drain Punch will keep you healthy, and Iron Hands resists most attacks. Belly Drum is just the icing on the cake.

Here’s our recommended build.

Iron Hands – Level 100

  • Nature – Careful
  • Ability – Quark Drive
  • Item – Big Root
  • Tera-type – Electric
  • Moves – Electric Terrain, Thunder Punch, Drain Punch, Belly Drum

Pokémon SV: Iron Leaves

Iron Leaves is the more difficult fight. It has impressive stats and a diverse move pool.

This makes it difficult to find a Pokémon that resists all of its moves and can still dish out powerful attacks. 

As with Walking Wake, if you own Scarlet, you will need to join an online raid to find Iron Leaves.

Here’s the build for Iron Leaves.

Iron Leaves – Level 100

  • Nature – Random
  • Ability – Quark Drive
  • Item – None
  • Tera-type – Psychic
  • Move set – Leaf Blade, Megahorn, Swords Dance, Psyblade. Starts battle with Electric Terrain

Best counters for Iron Leaves

Luckily, almost the same Iron Hands that works for Walking Wake will also work for Iron Leaves.

The Fighting-type leaves you weak to Psyblade, but it will resist the other attacks. Belly Drum applies enough offensive pressure to take this one down.

Here’s the build we recommend.

Iron Hands – Level 100

  • Nature – Impish
  • Ability – Quark Drive
  • Item – Big Root
  • Tera-type – Electric
  • Moves – Electric Terrain, Thunder Punch, Drain Punch, Belly Drum

Kingambit is probably the best counter for Iron Leaves, and can finish the battle in just a few attacks.

Megahorn can pack a punch, but with enough Swords Dances Iron Leaves should go down quite quickly.

Here’s our recommended set.

Kingambit – Level 100

  • Nature – Impish
  • Ability – Supreme Overlord
  • Item – Shell Bell
  • Tera-type – Flying
  • Moves – Swords Dance, Night Slash, Iron Defense, Assurance

Wide Lens will help Skeledirge get off that first important Will-O-Wisp to halve Iron Leaves’ damage.

Torch Song will help you raise your special attack, before landing some devastating Shadow Balls.

Here’s what we recommend.

Skeledirge – Level 100

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  • Nature – Bold
  • Ability – Unaware
    Item – Wide Lens
  • Tera-type – Ghost
  • Moves – Torch Song, Shadow Ball, Will-O-Wisp, Slack Off

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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