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You notice that you have been using your right eye to read this message which tells you that you have been given a job at the Crumpled Metal Company, a small local company run by you and a few other students. Not too surprising really, youre a pretty bright guy and have always been interested in tinkering with things, so its no surprise youve ended up here. What is a little unexpected, though, is that youll be working alongside one of the best engineers youve ever seen. He has short blond hair, which frames a handsome but dour face and is only slightly marred by the piercing green eyes of his most famous pupil. His body is the same model as your own, but slightly larger, his chest protruding just slightly due to his bulk and his trousers, despite not being overly tight on his frame, are slightly too big for him. Hes wearing a black suit, as is you, the only difference being the stitching on the jacket is different. The two of you glance nervously at each other and then walk over to the metal bench that sits by the entrance of the workshop. You pick up a metal plate and attach it to the left side of the door of the workshop. You turn back to your boss and take a seat next to him. I expect you to be up and running in no time at all, your boss says. Its a test to see if you can open up this door and enter the workshop. I dont want us getting into a situation where we have to replace the door if it gets damaged too much. Itll take you about an hour, I expect you to be able to complete the whole thing by the end of the time. You slowly nod your head, youre in. The first thing you see is a large table, its filled with tools and various apparatus that look to be of a high grade making. You see a long metal line being used to weld different parts of the workshop together and various other machines like lathes, CNC mills and many others, all geared towards one purpose. You also notice a large, open metal door, seemingly made of some sort of a material that you cant identify, you assume its steel perhaps. With these sights in your sights, you slowly walk through the doorway. You walk along the long, twisting staircase until you reach a room with many doors. You hear a few people talking in the room next door, probably using the lathe to produce parts or maybe trying to fix the roof. Once inside the room, you notice that theres an open area on the opposite side of the room.

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