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As you slowly start to freak out again, you quickly remember there are cameras outside and that they probably are recording everything. S not like anyone is going to see my face. As you continue down the basement stairs, the voices get closer. Ve got the doors propped open, so you might as well get into position. As you near the basement stairs, you hear the voices. Re staring into her dead eyes. The body of Mary Halsey is found next to that of her lover, Samuel Haynes. Their decapitated heads are later found in a dumpster near a carnival on Christmas Eve. Two days later, the pair of Halseys close friends, the young men John Adams and William Buzz Jeffords, are shot to death in a New Orleans hotel ballroom. S death, and it is only in 1898 that two years later, investigators identify the bodies of both Hancock and his killer as Robert Taylor. Both killings are linked by the fact that their respective families hired Charles Boudreaux, a renowned New Orleans criminal and member of the New Orleans Police Department, to solve the crimes. He also deduces that the young men who are suspected of murdering Halsey were the killers of Adams and Jeffords, proving that a connection exists between the two cases. The murder of Halsey and the Haines murders are eventually investigated again in the next few years. As the years pass, Boudreaux reveals that he has been in New Orleans for the past three years to work for various law enforcement agencies on cases of human disappearance and murder.

Information about Popsugar twinning