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You enter the systems login screen, and thats when all of the alarm bells start going off in your head. The first thing that catches your attention is the message. It isnt the usual youre at the internet type of warning, but rather a full-blown warning about a computer virus. You open up your email client as youre trying to get your thoughts together. A few more seconds pass, and while the message hasnt changed in any way, a notification comes up as a notification:The virus has spread. You havent started your course yet, but the virus has already managed to spread throughout all of your other accounts you may have. Its time to turn your attention from the computer; while you can use the Start Program button to get your programs started, youre going to be doing things a little differently from how you usually do things now. Youre going to turn off your internet connection, not your phone, though; thats also been infected, and take stock of your situation. Youre going to go to your hotel room and get ready. Youre not going to use your phone until youve done some more research. Youre just going to go to your room and go shopping. You cant afford to miss the opportunity to purchase some necessities. You go through your options, where you can go to get food. Youve already checked the local grocery stores items to see how much you can afford. Its not much; but then again, youve never been much for shopping on a regular basis. You also see that there is a gas station, a bank and a couple of other places that you can get things that are important for you to have. You dont think as long about what you want to do, and you dont even bother wasting time on that. You head to your car and put on your shoes and socks. You find your wallet, which you forget you still had in it, and get inside the car, grabbing your keys from the seat before locking the car. And then you think about what you need to do. You change clothesYou take your shoes off and slide into them, looking down at the sole. You know from experience that it looks awful, but youre not about to be put off by it just because its sole looks awful. You put you socks on and head downstairs. You walk out of your door and down to the grocery stores parking lot where you hop in the car and head towards the gas station. As the car pulls away from the gas station, suddenly the radio starts to play, with a female voice coming over the air waves of your car.

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