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There is a form for you to fill out and if you have something worthwhile to contribute to the discussion, you can also sign up for a subscription to access the course materials that have been posted by other students. Your membership to this online community will help you to stay updated on anything new and relevant thats been posted since you first first started attending the CPA Exam. At the beginning, it would seem a bit of a leap of faith to sign up for this course when youre probably not a candidate for it yet. But then again, you did get this far. You sign upYou sign up for the CPA Professional Education Program and you decide to set up the course so that you can watch it in the comfort of your living room without having to go to class. Its definitely one of the better ideas youve had for a while. You go to your living roomYou head into your living room where you have a big TV as well as the internet. The CPA program is a live streaming stream you have to see, so you dont have to go to class. You can watch it whenever you want, but you want to make sure you watch it at a time you arent going to be interrupted. You see the stream begins and you make your way upstairs to the room where you have your laptop, phone, and internet connection. You have everything you need to stream the CPA program as it is being streamed to you. You watch the stream with the enthusiasm you put into your homework assignments every night, or in the case of this stream, with the excitement of the upcoming exam. Eventually, it ends and you log on to your personal account to check the information. As it turns out its been about an hour since you started watching the stream, so you know the CPA Exam is starting in twenty minutes, or thereabouts. To be honest, all you care about is to know if you got the CPA Exam, because thats the only thing that matters. This information, on this live stream, is all you need to be sure that you got the CPA Exam. You log in and everything seems to go smooth as can be. After the first few screens of your account, you are met with a login screen that asks you to enter your personal information. You choose to create a user name and password and then press on Im in to confirm your new account. You log onYou log on and go through the various screens you have to fill out. The form asks for a lot, so youre not going to worry about it too much. Youre going to focus on the question you have to answer. You have to pick one of the following:Did you take the required college preparatory courses, such as.

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