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E3 is usually gaming’s biggest event, showcasing all the biggest games, and announcing new games and release dates.

However, the ‘big three’, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo, will no longer be a part of it.

PlayStation quit the event in 2019, deciding instead to hold its own showcase, and it seems that Xbox and Nintendo will follow suit.

Last week, Xbox announced that it would be returning to LA this summer for its annual summer showcase.

While this is where E3 is held, it appears that this showcase will be completely separate from E3’s main event.

During the announcement, Xbox stated that it still supports E3 despite the fact that it will showcase its games separately.

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According to a report from IGN, Nintendo also plans to skip E3 this year, though it is unclear if it and PlayStation will hold their own events this year.

The big three console developers are one of the main attractions at E3, with many attending and watching live just to see what will be announced.

While their absence from the event will surely affect audience numbers, there will still be games at the event.

Major third-party publishers also attend E3, and will still likely showcase their games as part of the event.

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Ubisoft, Square Enix, and EA have all had a large presence at E3 in the past, both announcing and showing more of their upcoming games.

The big three have taken game showcases into their own hands in recent years, instead deciding to announce new games via directs.

Nintendo Directs, PlayStation State of Plays, and Xbox Developer Directs, have all been used over the past few years to showcase upcoming games.

Xbox held a Developer Direct in January, where rhythm action game Hi-Fi Rush was not only announced, but also launched.

While the big three have not made an official statement on their non-attendance for this year’s E3, we expect to hear so before the event in June.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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