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All artists, musicians, animators, writers, designers, and programmers. I only work with the best and most reputable business in the game industry. T fit my style, I leave and try something new. D probably be doing an inane job like most artists. T know why anyone would hire you. D be glad of the fact that you have a better art skill. Thanks anyway for saving me some time. You leave the diner and start to leave, but then you stop yourself and notice the poster up on the wall. The horse is completely naked and the man is covered in a multitude of wounds and bites. S painting, which is one of the most expensive paintings in the world. If the description of the painting is correct, then it was used as a target for target practice by your school for assassins. You take a deep breath and tell her to shut the hell up. T think so, this kid was a good artist. Ll have someone go get a manager for this little vandal. Ll just go talk to him myself and point out that this is completely inappropriate. Re nuts, but you have to do something. You say I want to talk to you about my painting.

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