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There are philosophical arguments about love, religion, law, politics, science, and anything else that one would somewhat like to debate philosophically. T something you want to do for any length of time for, well at least not without a goal in mind. Well just what are you looking for and who the hell are you. T to investigate, but rather to just get yourself further lost in thought. She then takes your hand and leads you to a large tent with a few dozen people all sitting around talking. One of the soldiers says as he points at you. Ll be happy to answer that question when we get the Emperor and he can at least tell us that. S a guy who looks like you doing in a place like this. As he says this he starts moving towards you. You attempt to step back, but he has the presence of mind to put his other hand on his sword. T do anything to you, your Emperor of course will be needing to see all of us.

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