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Keep up with all the golf news, the 2020 Sony Oympal. You dont care to listenYou close the laptop and dont look at it for a while. You feel like you should be enjoying life instead of thinking about all the things you had to hide from your family. Then you remember that they are probably going to be wondering what happened and why you are acting weird. You start looking at the latest weather and some of the other local data sources. As far as you know the family left Hawaii. That is good, but you are still here on purpose. You need to know what is going on with you and the family. They probably left because they had bad feelings about you and then returned. You feel like you cant breathe. You think about when you were really young and how you were alone. You were sad for a moment and then your Mom told you to run to where you thought you should go to. You were really young at the time and you did exactly what she told you. You ran to where you thought you should be going to, but you never did find your mom. You think about this and what you know now about what happened to her. When you were little, Mom said that one day you were going to get old enough to make your own decisions. She said that she thought you were smart enough to find your own way, but you were always afraid of something or anyone You felt like she was always worrying about you, When you were little and she was gone, she didnt leave anything behind. But you were just too young to really understand what she had meant when she said these things. When you were little and you were sad, she was gone. When you were really young, you looked up to her and she was the only one who ever gave you her attention. You can only imagine how much better things probably were back in the old days when you were playing hide and seek. You think about all the times you had spent playing. But now, now you have to live a new life. You have to deal with new things that you were afraid of before.

This article about Hawaii open golf