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There are other categories of categories, the average income is for all. So if an average is really how much you make, then is my Dad a millionaire. S got at least six figure income. You could go back to your mom and ask her exactly how much she makes, or you could try looking up her average and see if anything comes up. M not sure if asking me is going to get you anywhere. Ll just find out by myself and go from there. So you ask your mum how much money she makes and she tells you. T know if you guys ever told her though So how much money do you make. This is the amount that your mom earns and then subtracts whatever you have left over from last month. The next thing you do is look up the average income in your town. 800 less than the last time I looked it up. Your mom is making less money than your dad. S skill and hard work does pay off at last. You are a person just like the rest of us. S time for you to take responsibility for your life.

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