Performance anxiety is the fear of doing something in front of a group …

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You pause for a bit before asking another one. Well I dunno, sex is boring in general, except it involves us. S good to have someone to turn to when you get confused about something. S a little more structure than just going with your instincts. T going to know what to do with yourself, so you turn to someone and you ask them to do things. Re not very good at it, but you just go with it. Sometimes they do a good job, sometimes they do a bad job. You say holding your hands together. You and Ral talk for quite awhile about your life and your various sexual habits and interests. You are a little surprised how sexually knowledgeable he is and how often he talks about his experiences. He admits that he usually overstates his experience and he tells you about his past because he wants to make sure he is telling the truth. Ral goes on about some of his strange sexual past involving animals and the like. He eventually tells you about his first encounter with a human girl. S own experiences and his own feelings about them. Eventually he gets to the part that causes you to ask him these questions.

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