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A STRANGE arch that looks like a UFO has been spotted over the skies of south London.

A shocked walker noticed an odd wavy object circling up above.

It was seen in the morning time from a school field in Croydon.

And space nerds have all sorts of theories about what it might be.

Commenters on Reddit joked that it could be a Chinese spy balloon.

It comes after the US shot down a real one accused of spying on key military sites.

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"After Chinese balloon in USA, we got Chinese boomerang in UK, though not sure if there is anything worth spying on in Croydon?" one said.

Another dubbed it the "Chinese Spy Arch".

A third person believes it could be a "drone uprising".

One person suggested a more plausible theory – that it could be something called a horseshoe vortex cloud.

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The horseshoe vortex cloud is a rare pheonomeon that happens when the cloud forms in area of rotating air.

While it's not entirely clear what the strange shape is, many believe it's probably just birds flying together.

"Murmuration of starlings or another kind of bird?" someone commented.

"Though not really the time of year for it."

The person who posted the video said: "At the time it didn’t look like birds.

"More like smoke or a cloud."

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