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WI-FI routers can be temperamental and are often affected by other gadgets around them.

If your router speed is annoyingly slow, it could be due to a costly device mistake.

Microsoft highlighted the error on its website.

The tech giant explained: "Although routers and network adapters from different manufacturers work together, they might perform better if produced by the same manufacturer.

"These improvements can be helpful if you’re using wireless-G devices to transmit over a long distance or live in an older house where thicker walls can block more of the signal."

Wireless-G routers tend to be older and only provide a 2.4GHz frequency.

If your router is old, it's likely a wireless-G router and could be slowing you down.

It's easy to double-check this by going to your Wi-Fi settings page or looking at the router itself.

As Microsoft said, if you're buying extra devices to help your Wi-Fi coverage at home, getting the same brand could make them easy to configure.

You can check with your internet service provider if you're worried about buying the wrong one.

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Sometimes a Wi-Fi repeater that's not set up right can end up throttling your network and slowing speeds to certain devices.

If you're using the same brand of Wi-Fi extension devices and still encountering problems, it could be due to a positioning error.

The position of a wireless repeater is also very important.

If you put it too far away from the original router or next to the wrong materials then you won't get your money's worth from the device.

Putting a repeater near concrete or metal can reduce the Wi-Fi signals it can receive and send out.

Before purchasing a wireless repeater, try getting the most out of your original router first.

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