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A COMMON Wi-Fi mistake has been highlighted by the FBI, and it could be putting your devices at risk.

Luckily, it's easy to fix with a safety feature that takes mere minutes to set up.

The FBI said: "The upside of Wi-Fi? It lets you connect to the internet wirelessly.

"The downside? Others nearby who connect to your unprotected network might be able to see what you do online, including any personal information you look at or enter.

"And if anyone uses your network to commit a crime, like sending illegal spam, the activity could be traced back to you."

Wi-Fi routers can also be infiltrated with malware, and that malware can spread to your devices.

That's why the FBI recommends setting up a guest network.

It's easier to do but a lot of people don't bother.

The US security agency explains: "Many routers let you set up a guest network with a different name and password. It’s a good security move for two reasons."

The first reason is pretty obvious but easy to forget.

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If you have a different login for guests then fewer people will know the login that you use and that keeps your Wi-Fi network safer.

The second reason is more concerning.

Some guests could be accidentally bringing malware into your home and spreading it via your router.

The FBI stresses the importance of the guest network saying: "In case a guest (unknowingly) has malware on their phone or tablet, it won’t get onto your primary network and your devices."

It's also advisable to make sure your Wi-Fi has the newest software available so you're not missing any security updates.

Check your Wi-Fi router settings to find out the best way to get a guest network setup on your device.

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