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THERE'S a hidden pinball game that all iPhone owners can unlock.

All you need to do is learn a secret gesture that instantly reveals the game.

But be warned: you might end up wasting hours on the virtual pinball game – and forget all of your real-life responsibilities.

First open up your iPhone and then navigate to the official Google app for iOS.

You can find it quickly by swiping down from the middle of the screen and then searching "Google".

If you haven't got it installed then go to the App Store and make sure you've got it.

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Now launch the Google app and tap the Tabs icon in the bottom-right.

Now swipe upwards from the middle of the screen over and over again – and do it quickly.

If you've done it right, the screen should reveal a hidden game.

It's a pinball-style game where you have to tap on the left and right sides of the screen to activate the paddles.

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You need to keep the ball aloft without letting it drop between the middle of the paddles.

To score points and progress through the levels, you'll need to hit the ball into the shapes at the top of the screen.

If you clear all of the shapes, you'll be able to move on to the next level.

As you move through the levels, you'll see "extra bounce" panels on the sides of the screen that can make your life more difficult.

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Tell your pals about the game and see if they can beat your high score.

It's unlikely that they've seen the game – it's very well hidden.

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