Pensioners could get council tax discount of up to 100% – are you eligible?

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Pensioners may be able to claim a discount on their council tax bill by getting Pension Credit. Pension Credit is a benefit which can be claimed by pensioners on lower incomes who need financial support.

Pension Credit provides a weekly amount of additional income to those who claim it, which varies depending on the level of support they require.

People who have reached state pension age may be able to claim Pension Credit.

The main element of Pension Credit, known as Guarantee Credit, can top up someone’s weekly income to £177.10 if they are single, or £270.30 if they are in a couple.

Savings Credit is the other part of Pension Credit, and provides a lower amount. A person might be eligible for this part if both of the following apply:

  • They reached state pension age before April 6, 2016
  • They saved some money for retirement, for example a personal or workplace pension.

Recipients of Savings Credit could get up to £14.04 a week if they are single or £15.71 if they are in a couple.

As well as the extra income Pension Credit provides each week, it can also act as a gateway to other forms of support, with Pension Credit claimants eligible for various other benefits.

This includes:

  • Council Tax Reduction
  • Housing Benefit
  • Support for Mortgage
  • A free TV licence (for those ages 75 and over)
  • Help with heating costs
  • Help with NHS dental treatment, glasses and transport costs for hospital appointments

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Council Tax Reduction

Council Tax Reduction replaced Council Tax Benefit in April 2013 and can provide Britons with a discount on their bill.

Homeowners as well as those who rent their home can apply, as can both employed and unemployed people.

However, the scheme is not available in Northern Ireland.

Recipients of Guarantee Credit may be able to get their council tax paid in full.

However, the exact discount someone can get may vary depending on which part of the country they live in, as local councils are responsible for operating their own schemes.

The level of discount afforded by Council Tax Reduction can also depend on:

  • Their circumstances, such as their income, number of children, benefits and residency status
  • Their household income, including their savings, pensions and partner’s income
  • If their children live with them
  • If other adults live with them

Britons must apply to their relevant council to see if they could get a reduction in their bill. The Government website can tell people which council they are a part of.

Once they have been matched to their local council, they will have the option to click a link and be redirected to the council’s website.

If someone wishes to apply for Pension Credit, they can do so online via the Government website.

They can also apply by phone or by post.

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