Pensioners can get 10 percent off their shopping next week

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Iceland is offering 10 percent off to customers over 60 who shop in-store.

The offer is available every Tuesday so Britons may want to make use of the discount in the upcoming week.

The discount was originally introduced as a way of helping elderly customers keep up with the cost of living crisis.

Since it launched last year, the supermarket had surpassed eight million transactions.

Customers have also had the chance to win ”a year’s worth of shopping” as a way of celebrating the event.

As bills continue to use, older Britons on low incomes are urged to check where they can make savings.

‌To be eligible for the 10 percent discount, customers must bring in a valid form of ID.

This includes a Senior Bus pass, a Driver’s Licence, The Senior Railcard, or a Freedom Pass.

The discount was initially introduced on a trial basis but it was extended after a successful launch.

Iceland said 630,000 customers had used the saving in the first four weeks of its launch.

Richard Walker, Iceland Foods executive chairman said: “As a supermarket that strives to deliver the best value for our customers, we are extremely proud of this milestone of eight million transactions and I hope it continues to help many more of our shoppers throughout the year.”

Furthermore, Iceland has extended its £1 price freeze throughout 2023.

It will be keeping the price of over 600 £1 or less items as close to £1 and under as possible for the rest of the year. It offers around 20 percent off all its products for £1 or less.

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The grocer shared that 300,000 customers utilised the discount on a single day in December 2022.

Iceland has teamed up with Fair for You to offer a financial scheme called ‘Iceland Food Club’.

The Food Club Card helps people stock up their freezer at Iceland, both in store and online, using a preloaded card.

Britons can apply for an initial top-up of between £25 and £75.

If their application is successful, they will receive an email confirmation from Iceland.

The preloaded card will arrive within five to seven business days and then people can use the balance on their card to shop in-store or online in Iceland.

Repayments are set at £10.00 per week and customers can choose which day of the week their repayments come out.

For more information, people can visit the Fair for You website.

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