Pensioner saves $600 thanks to coupon shopping

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Pensioner saves over $600 thanks to coupons

Millions of Americans turn to using coupons to make big savings while shopping for essential items. TLC’s reality television show Extreme Couponing promotes people who are self-declared coupon queens and kings.

One individual who appeared on the show was Susan, the “original coupon queen” who has been saving money on her grocery shopping for four decades.

She explained: “My name is Susan. I’ve been couponing for 40 years and I’m the original coupon queen What could be better than starting your day off with something free. 

“If you’re wondering where Extreme Couponing came from, you’re looking at it right here. I’m four feet nine. I may be small, but my savings are huge.

“I taught my sons how to coupon, I intend to teach my granddaughter how to coupon. Here’s to 40 more wonderful years of couponing.”

The mother-of-three broke down for viewers her money-saving techniques and the way she goes about collecting discounts on certain products.

With the help of her husband, three sons and a “coupon robot”, Susan can accumulate and organise hundreds of concessions.

Taking cameras with her, the 67-year-old went about her shopping trip and took advantage of every concession she could find and each coupon at her disposal.

During her appearance, she was able to reduce her grocery bill from $714.31 (£574.13) to $39.61 (£31.84).

As such, Susan ended up with an overall saving of $674.7 (£542.30) by utilising decades-old coupons and recent in-store discounts.

While on Extreme Couponing, she organised a grocery trip to help defeat her 1984 couponing record of $519 (£417.15).

At the end of her grocery shopping trip, Susan broke down exactly how much of her bill she saved.

As well as this, she looked back on her couponing experience and shared her delight over breaking her record.

The coupon queen added: “My total retail today for $714.34. I had that total down to $39.61 for a total savings of 94.4 percent on my 40th coupon anniversary.

“After all the hours in the supermarket and all the planning that we put into this, I finally broke my record.

“I feel really good that I was part of this coupon revolution. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that perhaps I’ve inspired millions of couponers over the last 40 years.”

In the comment section of the video sharing Susan’s story on TLC’s YouTube page, viewers praised the original coupon queen for her money-saving prowess.

One commenter called Zainab said: “This family is amazing. They all respect themselves and each other.

“They all put their minds together and successfully achieve their goals. What a beautiful team.”

Another named Courtney Gray added: “I like how she actually buys things that are used, unlike other couponers who just like to find deals.”

Those interested in learning more about saving money can watch Extreme Couponing on fuboTV or Discovery+.

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