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Yearend-2008 The only thing Im going to add is this: the actor who plays him is actually an American; so the actor who plays him, for instance Peter Dinklage is a citizen of the United States. You continue You continue You finish You say Im going to bed, thanks for chatting with me. You leaveYou get up, go back into the bathroom, shower off, and get dressed in your underdressed clothes, You wear your underwear in the morning You get in your car, take a shower, get some sleep, and wake up around 6AM. You get to the front office where you park your car, and go to your desk. You make a call to a few friends, but you cant call them all to see if they want to come to the movie. You call someone, but when you reach them it seems like the person isnt there, so you feel like you didnt really get to say goodbye to them, so you hang up. Your heart is beating so fast, you cant think straight. You head to the lobby and go up to the front desk, where it occurs to you that youre a little late to this one. There isnt a full house, so you are able to find a seat by yourself, with the help of the seat of someone sitting across from you. You really dont want to go to this movie. You close your eyes and imagine yourself in the role of some average American working at the movie theater. The only thing you have in the bag is your phone and the pen to take notes in it. You watch the first scene of the movie: the guy comes out of the bathroom and sits on the toilet, which is located in the mens room. He hears a loud noise and is surprised to find his face is contorted. He quickly looks down and sees that his cheeks have split. The movie begins with a closeup of the face of the person in shock. At the end of the movie the person realizes that he is a mutant. The movie ends with the person transforming into a horrible and.

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