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A young man named Patrick Nathaniel Reed, who was about to win the last hole. Patrick had come to the tournament with his buddy Nathaniel, he was born in the United States but raised in England, and was playing in the first cup because Nathaniel needed a break and wanted to play in the Heroes event first. He had to play his first round in this tournament to pay for his plane ticket and to pay for his hotel. As he was taking his drivers license photo, Patrick met Preston Smith, a young man with a beard and a cowboy hat, who had just made the last hole. Time fan of Patrick and they had been playing together for the last three holes with a small group of friends. The two of them started talking to each other, which was awkward and a little weird, and Smith wanted Patrick to make a shot to the green and the next thing you knew Patrick was taking out two of his drives and telling him that Smith wasnt getting any help from him because Preston was just going to give up. You can probably guess how that story ended. There is no doubt in your mind that at the time you had to have been at the bottom of some deep pit of disappointment. You had just made it out of a stressful time in your life and now you were doing the same thing, in a sense, and at the same time. Why was Patrick Nathaniel Reed not giving advice to a fan. He was going to pay him money for a shot to the green and the guy was about to win the tournament. You can see how the next week and a half of the tournament played out. You week 5It is Monday July 23rd, 2005 at 12:00 AM and you are about to receive your first paycheck. You are a short five feet nine inches tall and you weigh approximately 170 pounds. You are dressed in a black t-shirt and jeans, and all you have on is a pair of black shoes. You are sweating profusely and your skin is crawling from the exertion of watching an old man do his best to act like a man while he is playing a man in front of you that wants nothing more than to play in the Hero World Championship.

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