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You think you know, that hes a very proud man, but your source is unreliable. You follow the leadsYou decide to go in the direction of the lead. You need to hear from whoever is in charge, and you cant do that when you dont know anything about the person youre going to talk to. You decide to go look for the man who runs it all, the President of the United States. You cant think of much bigger than that. You try to find the PresidentThe president resides in the Executive Mansion, the biggest house in D. C youre not sure if it is actually called that. Youve never been inside, so you try to remember if there are special rooms. If it was just the main house, it would hardly be a huge mansion, and you doubt the President even had much use for it as it is now. You check the phone book and see if theres any special room, and there are only a few, but nothing is called Presidential. You remember the place was renamed after the president. Still, the mansion still looks much smaller than the Executive Mansion now, even though its bigger than the White House now. Its not quite as big, but it is big enough. You go to the room that was once called the Presidential Study, then you try to remember if there are special rooms for the president, but there arent. Maybe there is a place called the Presidents Private Library, or something like that. You check the telephone book, and dont see any such thing. You find a room in the mansion that was once called the Oval Office and wonder if there are special rooms there, but there arent, either. Still, maybe that can be used to describe the Oval Office. You check if there is anything called a Residence, which isnt mentioned anywhere else in the building. You see if there is any space that was once called the Executive Residence, and you arent sure if there is, but it doesnt fit your definition of a residence either, so it doesnt exist either. While you may well be wrong, you need to check the room that was once called the Oval Office as the source of your information. You go to the Oval OfficeYou get your keys from the doorman on your way to the Oval Office. When you enter the room, you find that it looks like a mansion, rather than a house. The doors look like those of a mansion, but the rooms in them dont look like the rooms of a mansion. Most of the rooms look like offices or living rooms. You notice a desk in one of those rooms.

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