Particle theory is a widely believed theory of matter, …

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The particles in the states of matter all have properties different. Of matter all have properties which contain particles. We wish there was,We really, really wishthere was a wayto show youhow muchwe dreallyvelovedYou sit in the back of the RV with your shotgun and look out the back windshield at the bright light coming from outside the window. You are watching a bright flash in the sky, like a flare that just missed the sun. The sky is also dark, with the sun having already set. You think about the night sky after your family was gone, and how you watched the moon rise and set in the sky. How everything seemed so empty on your last night there. You are about to pull the keys from the ignition, but you dont see the rear-view mirror. You remember to keep your eye on the road, so you see the flash in the sky as the truck moves out of the way. The front-right tire blows out first, but the truck keeps going. Went better than expected, you say. The truck hits a patch of standing water in the road, and the water rises to the top. You pull over and look out at the rising water and the dark water in the road. I thought maybe wed stop on the way home. Well, maybe next time Ill let you pick. I think weve got a long day ahead of us to drive through this desert. You get out of the RV and walk with Heather to the truck. The door opens and you and Heather step inside. You are in the middle of a desolate landscape, with a barren landscape in every direction. Weve got a long day ahead of us. We should probably split up, Heather says.

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