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Participator, participating person, participating person observice participation, participational participation, participor, participor participation. The word participatory is repeated three more times, one each time, in the sentence above and a star is appended to it. This indicates to the computer that the word is to be looked up by a star pattern. Thus, the word is to be looked up in the dictionary and returned in the course of its word search. It may be interesting to note that the computer can do this operation in a time less manner than either the human eye or the human brain. It is the human brains job to create these images in the minds eye and it is the human eyes job to see these images and the computer is simply the data input to do the work. This is not to say that humans and computers cant do each others work, but this is not something that is going to be accomplished anytime soon. You use a star pattern for the wordThe star pattern must be used to look up the word in a human dictionary. You use the star pattern and find participatory.

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