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You can see a few options: You select your best choice You get the following: You select the Participative. Participable, participation, participant, participant observation, participate, participating insurance, participating preferred, participation, participatory democracy, participial then you select OK when they display your information. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks again, I really hope this helps you out. Thanks, this was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Im new here and I dont know who I should talk to. I can help with any questions you have about the hospital or anything else that you need and Ill answer any questions you have about me. The nurses office is on the right when you get to the main entrance, thats me. So far youre getting the impression that you just went through an airport security check so the guy answering the phone is obviously trying to be accommodating. You ask what the nurses name was You look up at the nurse on the phone and repeat your name over and over again. Im just new here so I dont know where else to go. Yeah, I just started out here a couple hours ago. I just need to get back to my room now. I dont want to sit around while they run my name through the system. Im just doing what they tell me to. I cant help you find anything though, Im not a nurse. You go home You decide to go home instead of trying to find Brenda. Youre no nurse, you dont want to know where to go. You had no idea this place even had a hospital. Still, you suppose this is a good new opportunity to get out of the office environment and see whats up at a different location. Hopefully this place doesnt try to charge you a lot for the test drive.

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