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There is not a particular purpose for Parliament to be a good.

It, s a body that makes laws about the world and makes decisions about the world and it, s everyday job to make law about, to make. Parliament has a very, very powerful voice and can make decisions that would be considered ridiculous and even immoral by the governments and leaders in the real world. Parliaments can make laws that forbid war and murder and the like. Parliaments can also be very influential in this reality as they can vote to change the world into a new and better way. Parliament is very important for getting the vote of confidence in the government, when necessary. If you need to, you can even suggest parliment to the King of this reality to get him out of the way faster. You did it once before when you were in a bad mood, and he responded with what became known as the Royal Speech, a speech that got him elected as prime minister. You try to convince the King to become the new one of ParliamentYou decide to try to convince the King, since he is the only one who can. But first, you need to make sure that you know a little bit about this situation. You look in the mirror and start telling the things that you see there. What you see there is your younger self, but what you see there is not your younger self anymore. I-I have been studying the history of this world and I can tell this is not the same one I grew up with. I mean there isnt a single place named Nam in this world. The world was destroyed and the survivors were sent to different worlds. I have no idea, but I can try to get some information on the subjects that I am interested in. You go back to the old room and get one of the books that you remember seeing in it before. The book has pictures of ships sailing through the sky, people talking and playing cards. You look at it in silence for a little while, and then you remember. A map exists in my old room, but how do I know if it is still there. Well thats why I need a map of the real world too. You search for your old room and find that it is still in shape. Inside you find that you have a bed and a chair beside your desk, which has several books and letters lying on it.

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