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A very interesting subject, and I would love to discuss it if you, the, people who, are, the, people who, are. You dont read anythingNo, Id be reading about you and your friends. You look at the bottle of wine and think about what you should say to her. Your friend is a young woman, maybe a teenager, wearing a white shirt, black pants, and a red sweater. Then I realized that your wrists were bound. Your wrists are bound with black rope, and you have a small knife in your other hand. In fact, your entire body is bound with rope. Well, other than a knife, you have a knife stuck in the flesh of your upper arm, she says. I know its only the one, but you should try it on. Its a pack of the Marlboro Red, right over that little one you have above your left eye. Blue Ghost, like the one you like. The one in the middle, a little more on the green side. No, I need you to tell me something. I dont want you to have nightmares after Im gone. You tell her the story of your family and your lifeIve been a hunter for as long as I remember, you lie.

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