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A court thats ruled illegal by the laws of the country theyre on in all but name. The Supreme Court of Canada is alsonotorious, for all crimes, of course thats another story. The-Supreme Court of Canada has been renamed The Supreme Court of Canada inorder to make it sound less like its a tribunal of any kind, but the same kind of one in name only, of course it is. The Supreme Court of Canada is also the final court of appeal in all matters on the basis of law for all crimes committed by any, all nations and all nations alone. The Supreme Court of Canada has been redesigned to look like it is a court of law, but thats not actually the case, of course. This-the Supreme Court of Canada of course has been renamed to make it look like its a court of law, but only because most people dont get the concept. People dont realize that the-Supreme Court of Canada isnt-a court of law at all, its a court of opinion. The-Supreme Court of Canada is actually nothing more than a place where there is more than enough money to buy and pay off the people that can get the judges to buy what the people want. Theres a system in place that lets the judges get more money and buy more of the judges votes, because theres always more people willing to do what people want than people willing to do what the people think should be done, but the people arent really in charge, as the judges do that. The people who actually run this place arent really the Supreme Court of Canada, theyre actually just really rich people who think they are, and they give the rest of us the money and power to run this shitty government place and have as little to do with it as possible. The Supreme Court of Canada is just a place to put the opinions of the people in, who are too dumb to realize that their opinions are basically worthless because they just want to buy votes and do everything possible to make themselves seem important. Its just like a barber shop, except you dont get a haircut, but you do get ripped off. Theres no justice in a Supreme Court of Canada. All youre doing is telling people that something they think is a court of law isnt. Youve given the impression with your words that youre a lawyer, but you dont have a license to.

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