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The bond market includes a variety of government and private bonds, and stocks. A Bond, or gaje, s, n, is a commercial instrument of exchange. The borrower makes an investment in the promise of future payment. The bond market is the largest part of the global bond market, with bonds representing about twenty percent of total market capitalization. Bonds have no intrinsic value; they are pledged as a sort of collateral to secure a loan of money. In addition, there are company stock bonds, and bonds of all maturities, which offer an additional form of collateral. The bonds of the company are pledged as collateral, while the bonds of all maturities are regarded as more of a form of insurance. A companys stock carries no risk of default or loss of value, and thus may be considered a sort of insurance against losses. You put money in stocks and bondsAs the most liquid asset class and the one with the lowest risk, stocks and bonds make an excellent choice for your investment portfolio. However, stock and bond investments come with a cost: price. The higher the price, the higher the risk; the lower the price, the lower the risk. Stock prices tend to go up and down on expectations of earnings and earnings growth. High stock prices and high bond prices mean high interest payment. Low stock prices and low bond prices mean lower interest payment; however, low stock prices and high bond prices tend to mean falling stock prices and rising bond prices. You put money in the market, and watch the pricesYou put money into an index fund, and watch the prices: stocks rise and bonds fall. You check your portfolio every day and see how your investments are doing. Should stocks and bonds be hedged so their price swings dont affect you. For many people, the idea of a computer in the home that runs your life sounds like something out of science fiction. While it has been done, as mentioned in the movie Ex Machina, there are many obstacles that have to be overcome along the way, for instance, whos to say computers wont go rogue and start running malicious programs that could put your property and life in danger. But, what if you could get your computer to do some of the things you want it to do, with the minimum amount of effort. A startup called Viv is hoping their technology could solve that problem. The technology works by integrating a VR system into a typical PC, using either a special TV or monitor. The technology then enables the PC to perform computing tasks like 3D rendering or video chat while you watch movies, play games or do other entertainment stuff on the TV. We are working on creating a truly unique interaction device with the ultimate goal of creating a truly social experience and bringing the user.

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