Oven cleaning: Use the ‘old hanger’ method to ‘easily’ clean between oven door glass

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Mrs Hinch reveals super effective oven cleaning hack

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Oven glass panels appear to be perfectly sealed, but splattered food can never cease to surprise you. Eventually, homeowners will see streaks between the two glass panels. So, how do you clean the inside of your double glass oven door without opening it? Cleaning experts at Fantastic Services have shared how homeowners can clean between the glass using a metal coat hanger.

Firstly, the door slots need to be located, according to the experts.

They said: “Most oven doors have vents at their top or bottom which are often how dirt and grime gets in between the glass panels. 

“If you fail to notice them on the top, they’re likely on the bottom.”

Once located, the access panel should be removed from the bottom of the cooker to gain better access to the vents.

The cleaning experts noted: “Usually, there are about three to four slots depending on the oven model, but it’s not a rule of thumb. A Kitchen Aid oven, for example, has eight slots.”

This is the part that the coat hanger comes into play as homeowners need to shape it into a cleaning tool.

The experts said: “It’s durable and won’t break while inside the oven door. 

“You can also use a bottle brush or a fly swatter as an alternative. 

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“The point here is to have a tool which can easily go inside without breaking, it doesn’t really matter what material it’s made of.”

Attach an old piece of cloth securely with a thread to the coat hanger.

This is so that it won’t fall apart while inside the oven door.

Also, the rag needs to be thin because the space inside the oven door is pretty scarce.

Homeowners can then pour some lukewarm water into a container with add washing up liquid and stir until bubbles appear.

The cleaning pros suggested: “Prepare another container with clean warm water as this will be later used for rinsing. 

“You can also use a glass cleaner as a stronger alternative, but even so, don’t skip the rinsing part.”

Lastly, insert the cleaning tool between the glass panels via the exhaustion vents.

The experts said: “Work your way from one side to the other whilst using all slots. 

“Be cautious not to leave any soap residue after cleaning. 

“Once you’ve cleaned all the drips, rinse the oven door with your tool.”

For oven glass with stubborn grease and grime, instead of using washing up liquid, Britons can create their own effective oven cleaner with household items, such as white vinegar and baking soda.

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