Oven cleaning: How to clean greasy ovens for ‘25p in less than 30 minutes’

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White vinegar hack for limescale explained by cleaning expert

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Spring has arrived in the UK, which means many will be deep cleaning their homes. Tombola asked their players what their most hated chews were and 1,200 of them responded with cleaning the oven as being the most hated cleaning task as well as ironing and cleaning the windows. Experts at Tombola have shared how to clean the oven for “25p in less than 30 minutes”.

The experts said: “35 percent voted cleaning the oven as their most hated household chore.

“To clean the oven. mix 64g of baking soda with about 55ml of white vinegar to make a paste.”

Next, remove all the trays from the oven, they can be cleaned or soaked in the sink.

The experts added: “Spread the paste over the inside of the oven and, of course, the glass door.

“Leave it for 30 minutes, but ideally overnight.

“Wipe clean with a wet cloth.”

Baking soda acts as a cleaning agent because it is a mild alkali and can cause dirt and grease to dissolve easily.

It is also a natural product and non-toxic, unlike a lot of household cleaners on the market.

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When mixed with white vinegar, the combination of products creates a chemical reaction that can dissolve stains and loosen up dirt.

What’s more, both of the products are affordable to buy from supermarkets as well as stores like B&M.

The second most hated job was ironing, with 14 percent voting as their dreaded household chore.

Tombola shared a hack to improve ironing for just 65p.

They said: “Remove the ironing board cover and spread tin foil over the board, tucking the foil underneath.

“Replace the cover.

“The foil will not reflect the heat onto the underside of the garments, acting as a second iron.”

Windows can also be a tiresome chore, especially if cleaning both the inside and outside at the same time.

According to the experts, white vinegar is a great natural substitute for cleaning windows because it is cheap and doesn’t streak.

They said: “But, it’s best not to do it on a warm day as it could actually streak.

“The sun will dry the cleaning solution before you’ve had a chance to get to it, leaving you with streaks on your not so gleaming windows. If you do choose to clean your windows on a very warm day, clean small surface areas.

“Find a cleaning solution, a popular, natural and effective solution is a white vinegar and water mix.

“You can pick these up for as little as £1.45, and with an average spray consisting of 0.85ml of liquid dispensed, you could get over 882 sprays in this bottle easily covering well over 100 window cleans.”

To clean windows, spray them with the cleaning solution and wipe away excess with a kitchen towel.

For a “perfect finish” the experts recommended buffing dry with a coffee filter.

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