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You cant do anything because all the computer you have is running the virus. You just give up and let it go. You are not in any position to do so. You think about just sending a message to your brother in law and leave it at that, but you are too afraid and you dont want to even think about leaving it at all. A month passes and you have not heard anything from anyone. In the meantime you have had an increase in visits from the Doctor. He has found a cyborg or android body for you and some new cybernetic implants. He has informed you that the cybernetic implants will give him the ability to control your actions, thought patterns, emotions, and even your brain waves. It is the beginning of the year 2278 and you are still working for Dr. You dont know what to think about the new situation. Some of them you can tolerate, most of them you dont. T live in fear when you know something is going to happen. When you have to go to the doctor, you dont ask for the time since you just figure it will be the same time, if you go now you will be rushed. You go to see the Doctor about the fact that he can control your thoughts and you cant stop him from doing it. Kovas just tells you it is possible, but not natural for them to be able to do that. As it turns out, you are able to talk with the Doctor on a personal level. You explain to him what you went through as well as the situation between the two of you. Kovas has a few ideas, one is to try to implant a set of cybernetic implants in your head and create a second brain for him, or if that is too difficult, perhaps he can make you more like the kind of cyborg he has in mind. He has also given you some of his own ideas and he said he would like to give you a new mind to play with for awhile, but he needed a few more people to test it first. You need a whole teamYou dont like the idea of having to be a team player with the Doctor. He needs you to do things his way. You dont want that, you are already doing most of the hard work by yourself now, you dont need more people to help you with it.

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