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This was going to be fun:The day of the game, you, your wife, and your daughter, who is your age, wake up early and head to the store. T feel like going out like you used to, so you just do a lot of shopping with your kids. Some walking with their kids, some walking on their own, some in a group of their own, and some even in line for other stores. You look over your shoulder several times as you walk along. S a long line, and you can see why there are other people waiting in line for the same things. Finally, you see a woman, who you immediately recognize as Karen. Not really staring at her, just eyeing her. Re probably wondering something like, Is this the same woman that was giving us trouble last time. You and Karen spend the next half hour or so getting a little more physical. You look at her in the eyes sometimes and kiss her on the cheek. T really feel anything for each other.

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