Our road is so full of pot holes I have to take pain killers after I've driven to my front door | The Sun

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FURIOUS residents have dubbed their street ­Pothole Crescent because it is cratered with holes.

Locals claim nothing has been done to fill them in for five years.

Pictures show the extent of the damage in Glebe Crescent in Witham, Essex.

Some of the cavities are a foot across and 4ins deep.

Electrician Terry Collier, 59, said: “The council come once a year, measure the holes, mark them up for repair and go away again. It’s a joke.

“We pay our council tax but nothing gets done.”


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Keith Williams, 70, said: “I try not to cross the road as I’m scared I’ll trip over a pothole or my dog, Suzy, will get stuck.”

Betty Sheehan, 82, suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and has to be driven by her son to avoid the potholes.

She said: “I have to take pain killers whenever I get out in the car, because bumping up and down over the potholes is agonising due to my condition.

“It’s disgusting to see the state of it and it’s been like this for at least four years.”

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Nicola Moore, 44, said: “When we had construction work done the ­contractor struggled to reach us because of the potholes.”

Town mayor Susan Ager added: “The roads of Witham are full of dangerous potholes.”

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