Our planet, Earth, has only one moon, but other planets have a …

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Re going to follow the plan that the other girl had. Ll just go to the nearest merchant that deals with merchants and buy a ship. Ll just have to find a new home though. Those kinds of people are usually looking to steal your merchandise, not give it to you. Do you have a magic trick to make a merchant do what you want. Well I just did that a long time ago with one of those goon thugs that steals from you. He flies around the planets and back to the station, but he can also go up to the moons and even space. S the money and you can hire yourself a ship. Lisa and you exchange a look and she goes to the counter. Do you think you could have a bigger ship than this one. S big enough to carry two of us. The merchant starts to say until Lisa punches him in his face.

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