Our neighbour has invited his friends to park on our drive and even put a FENCE up… we’re fuming but he won’t budge

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A NIGHTMARE neighbour who invited friends to park on the driveway of the house next door has been slammed for "taking liberties".

The man and his young family recently moved into a home in the West Mids – and while he initially appeared to be "very nice", he's since caused huge problems for locals.

One neighbour has now shared her story on Reddit in a bid to get help as legal loopholes prevent police from getting involved.

The 26-year-old, who lives with her parents, said: "The neighbour has a garage adjacent to ours.

"He is allowed right of access on our drive in order to access his garages, but is strictly not allowed to park on the drive or land in front.

"While we made the occasional visit to the house over the years, we noticed his cars being parked on the land.

"He’d brush it off saying he was just dropping something off to the garage and was on his way out. We didn’t think much of it."

However, over the past year the family has noticed the neighbour "parks there all the time".

"We’ve politely requested him to remove his vehicles and reminded him that he has only right of access, not right to park," she said.

"We then offered him to rent the space for two cars. Our offer to rent the parking space was refused.

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"He said he would need to get advice and come back to us. It’s been two months and we’ve heard nothing.

"We’ve told him we would need to take some action if this continues.

"He has since started parking around four to five cars on the land and we suspect he has been inviting nearby friends to park.

"It has now got to the point where we can no longer access our own garages."

She said there's "apparently nothing we can do in the UK" as "police and council won't take notice" – while solicitors have quoted £40,000 plus VAT to take on the case.

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"He has also put up a fence on our front drive," she said.

"There is a strip of grass and weeds that is in the deeds as belonging to my parents' house and he has put the fence on our side the the strip."

Dozens of people have now responded to the poster's pleas for help.

Commenters have suggested installing bollards or a lockable hinged parking post, as well as looking through home insurance documents to see if legal expenses cover is provided.

Others have given more creative advice, with one replying: "I'd park in my garage.

"If your car is parked in your garage and the neighbour is blocking access to the highway, the police will intervene."


One said: "Please let us know how this pans out, he's taking liberties and I'd love to see him royally shafted."

Amazingly, under the law anyone can park on your driveway – and there's almost nothing you can do about it

If a car is parked on a public road and it is blocking your driveway, local authorities certainly have the power to issue a fine.

But once the car moves onto your drive, it's technically on private property – and local councils have no jurisdiction.

Officials must remove abandoned cars from both public and private property.

But if the motor in question is taxed, insured, has a valid MOT, and isn't in a dangerous condition, they are unlikely to touch it on private land.

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