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HOMEOWNERS have slammed a council after workmen painted just three feet of double yellow lines on their street.

Highway workers filled in a pothole in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, and bizarrely only painted on the new surface.

Yellow markings once ran down both sides of the quiet street – but after years the lines have almost completely faded.

So local residents were left confused after workmen only decided to leave a metre's worth of lines before packing up.

Marie Dennehy, 52, who lives next to the site, told The Sun: "Every time I leave the house and see it I have to laugh.

"If you parked your car over them, you wouldn't know they were there.

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"They've mended one little patch but the road needs doing properly, then it would save them coming back lots of times.

The fuming estate agent added: "Fancy only painting three feet of yellow lines.

"It kind of makes you think the council is disorganised and wasting taxpayers' money."

The questionable stretch of lines is so small that vehicles parking on Greytree Road could easily block it from view.

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Now a month after they appeared, locals have called on the council to come down and view the tragic markings themselves.

Electrical engineer Keith Johnson, 65, said: "I wondered who was having a laugh when I saw it.

"It looks like they couldn't be bothered to paint the rest of the road to make a proper job of it. It looks bloody daft.

"It is a waste of time and energy just to dig and repair such a small patch of road and then paint a tiny stretch of yellow lines.

"Someone high up in the highways department at the council should come down here and take a look."

Local resident Samantha Whitehouse, 24, who works as a business advisor, added: "If it wasn't so stupid, it would be funny.

"There are supposed to be double yellow lines all down this side of the road, but they haven't been painted for ages.

“It’s been so long in fact that they have pretty much disappeared completely."

Meanwhile Postman Gary Griffiths, 42, shook his head on Friday as he walked past the splash of colour on the busy street.

He said: ”Someone’s been over-zealous here, haven’t they? “As a postie we have to deliver all round Ross and most of the roads are a disgrace, to be honest.

"They are in a terrible condition with lots of temporary repairs all over the place.

"I'm sure the roads in Herefordshire must be the worst repaired in the country.

"I can honestly say it's a struggle to find a smooth road.

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“So I guess, given the level of the council workmen's work, it doesn't surprise me to find they have painted their double yellow lines covering a stupidly small space."

Herefordshire Council was contacted for comment.

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