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If you decide to go, be sure to take your time. The more you spend, the better the chance that youll get to see something that only ocean waves can give you. The farther north you go the more time youll get to enjoy sea and beach activities. The farther east you go the more chances to see mountains and some wildlife like birds and squirrels. The weather should be around average and calm the next few days. If youre going to go, bring extra clothing, sunscreen, extra drink, extra food to eat and more. Take a note of what conditions are the best and to be on the lookout for changes. The farther south you go the harder it is to navigate and find things to do. The further East you go the smaller chance for things to change. Plan for your time as it is the best investment of it and be prepared in case you have to change plan. Make your own choices if you want to, but dont let this guide keep you from having fun. Remember, its always a good idea to take a moment to appreciate the ocean and the life that exists here. This will be your life after all and the more you spend, the more of it youll have. The first thing that struck you was the sound of the crashing waves pounding against the rocks. The sound carried with great volume even with the wind blowing in your direction. It was hard to believe that this was the coast, but the rock formations and waves on either side were just as real. You saw a few small boats but they did not seem to be in any danger, maybe they were fishing along the beach or maybe they were resting at a breakwater. The other thing that struck you was the dense forest to the north east, there certainly was nothing around here but cliffs and rocks. Was the Great Ice Storm that affected the southern half of the world in the past making the coastline and mountains visible here. You are in an old areaA deep depression in the ground to the north caused you to think about the time when you tried to follow a large tree that fell on your truck. You ended up breaking several of your bones in the process. If the depression in the ground was similar to that, it could just be an old tree stump and you were too far away from anything that could help you. You go to the depressionYou walked to the depression in the ground. The depression seemed to be around a foot deep and covered in rocks. You couldnt see any signs of life anywhere and the wind seemed to be blowing in a different direction so the chances of you getting rescued were slim.

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