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From WowpediaFrostmourne is a Nord artifact of ancient power which can only be wielded by the most worthy of its ancient and wise creators, or the most worthy of the heroes who have taken the ancient relic in hand. Frostmourne was a mystical trinket passed down through the generations by the Nords who found it on a frozen hill near Winterhold in the Year of our Lord 20. 1HistoryThe Frostmourne was given to Frostjaw by the god Lorkhan in order to keep the ancient land of Rask from being overrun by the Orcs, whose own axe was stolen by another of the gods chosen, Dori. Frostjaw used the Frostmourne to ensure that the Orcs could not overrun the land and keep his land secure. 2In 3E 427, Nalins most famous hero, Hrodvitnir, who had fought in the War of the First Council and taken the artifact, had taken it home to Winterhold.

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