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You use the money on something productiveA job might offer opportunity, but it probably wont offer advantage: If you had the job instead of the alternative, youd have more money. You could then have more money to buy more options. You could then have more options, and you could then have more money, which could buy more options, which could buy more money. The point is, the options will all be worse than no job. And the opportunities wont all be better than that non-job. And the money you spend on the options will be the same money you spent on the non-job. You can get paid to do something else, and maybe you could become a chef or something, but if you had that job, youd have no money to do anything else. Job or non-job, you cant go back to your old way of life. You can either have money in your pocket, or you can have nothing. You could go back to your old life. You could keep working at this place and never leave or move to a new town. Youd still have access to all the booze and drugs the shop can give you. You could even have some customers, since most people dont need all that much, and you could charge a bit less than you did before. You stay on with the booze and drugsYou dont want to do that. The city has people with money, and you need to earn some, too. You make a list of local jobs that would be available, and go to the nearest city-center to look for them. You spend a few days looking, but find none that are suitable for you. It will take a few more days to get back to the city, but youve had enough time to think of a new plan. There is one option, however, that you havent considered before. Theres a shop that sells the tools and stuff you need to fix up your house. You could make a deal with them and get the tools for a few days of work, and if you liked what you saw, youd be free to buy the rest at a cheaper price. They dont have much stock, but theyre always willing to change something. If you like the tools, you could take them, and the tools they have, and get a job there. This plan is pretty simple and straight-forward, but you still like your option of staying at the liquor store.

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