Opponents, who wished to redeem the paper money and resume a specie …

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This is a great little history book, but I have two complaints. One, it is based on a book written in the 1800s, and I just dont get the point anymore of this the U. Government was a force for good, lets take it all back bullshit. If this were the 1800s where was the press and how many books were written about how great it used to be and then it went to shit. The press was crushed during the 1800s; and the books were all worthless, let alone the people who wrote them. If one of these books had been published on the first world war, as it could have been if written in the 1800s, they would have been very relevant and widely read. But even more of this you cant do that, how hard can it be bullshit. I want to know what the fuck was going on and not just what happened, but WHY it happened. Two, the dates given for the events are way off; there are no dates given for the occupation. How the hell was everyone still going around accepting U. I would have thought people would have been suspicious about accepting them after they were confiscating and confiscating the private papers of everyone. I have many more questions, but I wont ask them, I have been trained to do that since I was 10 years old. On another note, I have been reading the book The Federal Reserve and I think it will be one of your many titles I buy; I like economics. I hope the next title is something you write. You continueThis is too much, I dont know what to think. You write a letter to your son saying you would be very interested in spending time reading some of your old stuff, and you expect him to do the same. The American Republic is facing the problem that is facing other parts of the world; the problems of a growing population with less and less resources. The country is facing a situation where the number of people is increasing, but the amount of land is decreasing since the westward expansion is being stuttered by the ravages of climate change. In the United States the population has grown from around 300 million to around 405 million. Yet the population has increased only by about five million in the agricultural sector. The United States is trying to keep up on its war-making efforts, but its effort is starting to drain its limited resources. The United States of America has been able to expand abroad using the resources of other nations. It has used the resources of the British Empire, the Spanish Empire, the French Empire and now the Russian Federation. The United States has used up the resources of the British Empire, the Spanish Empire, the French Empire and now the Russian.

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