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You send out an alert for an assistant positionResearch assistant in FrankfurtYou got Research assistant in Frankfurt. Open jobs for Research assistant in Frankfurt am Main. Deadline is Friday, Aug 22 16:00Thats not too far off. Ill send out my alert for people having jobs. You rush back into your office, then go lie down on your sofa. You think about the new positions that you need to apply for, but theres only one you really want to apply for, and by the time you get there, you wont have much time to think about anything else. You just try to forget about the upcoming meeting as you go on with your work. The next day comes and you are all ready and eager to be on the job. The meeting goes much like the last one. It takes a long time for the two of you to even get on the same page on what you need to discuss. By the end, you only have two main points left to debate: what sort of salary the position is worth, and where the best place to do your job is. After several rounds of arguing, you are left with only one choice left. Okay, were ready to go, lets get to work, and well talk about all this in more detail tomorrow. Youve talked much about your position and what you need to do to fill it. When the two of you have finished, you get up to leave. The both of you walk to your office, and you are about to say something to each other, when you both hear the door of the meeting room open. I heard you guys are looking for a research assistant. You and your boss both look around, to see another human being come in. Unfortunately, it is the same intern you spoke to yesterday. The two of you immediately go for the full-out attack. I came in as a tourist and thought we could invite you guys to come with me. Okay, fine, Im not here to get with you.

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