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A conglomerate: corporation, The iPod Classic can, in fact, play all types of music. You have to admit that, unlike your other music players, with its small size, it provides a more reliable audio experience. However, you have no music collection with which you can test-drive this new iPod. You cant be the only one, could you. You begin the long process of searching the Internet, for new music, for new songs, songs you havent heard before, songs you might like to listen to. On the Internet, you find dozens of different pages devoted to music. You find an old iPod Music Player, called the iPod Classic, you cant remember its brand You download and install it, onto your Mac with the built-in flash drive. You wonder if there is anything in the atmosphere that could be to blame for this. Something in the food you ate, the drugs you took, the cigarettes you smoked. This is the same situation you encountered back in the Internet Cafe. The same screen that greeted you back then. Then, you notice that you are looking at a YouTube video. A bright spot, bright enough that you cant make out the words in the video: This is an iPod. You watch for a few seconds more, and realize, the video is being played from beginning to end, on the iPhone. The video lasts exactly two minutes 37 seconds, in which an elderly man, wearing a red sweater and holding a box, arrives at a pizza shop, which is the location of the video. Then, he puts the pizza slice in his mouth, and takes a bite of pizza. He swallows the pizza piece in one bite, until the box hits the table, where you realize, you have lost the video. You select Apples iTunes, which you downloaded a few minutes ago. The video play on the iPhone, the mans mouth mouthpiece the iPhone.

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