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OK TV mag and OK TV Check plus OK. Reading about books is your favourite thing to do. There is one place in the whole world that youd like to go. You would read books from this one place and read about books from this place. All your books are filled with stories about books. Maybe you could take a few books with you. You take your booksYou take your books, just like you took this one picture. You stand in the living room with the lamp on and in a daze, you put your books on your bedroom shelf. Then, you see the ghost of a man dressed in a suit walk into the room. You see a ghost of a man dressed in a suit walking into the room. You say Ive been away for quite some time, why dont you come with me. He says Well, I wont say no to helping a dear old friend back to his resting place. You walk slowly with the ghost ahead of you. He smiles every now and then, and shakes your hand. Then, your steps become a little heavy. Suddenly, your feet are completely frozen solid. Suddenly, you are pulled out of your room and into the living room. You go back into your bedroom.

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