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You have decided to do something about the problems in Klyton. You are going to head to the Woesk and the Badlands and make some real changes there. You are going to start by taking up Arms. If you can get rid of the problems around Klyton, you can certainly do something about the problems in the Woesk. You report to the Klyton MilitiaYouve decided to take up Arms in response to the problems, and that your first task will be to head to the Woesk and to the Badlands. And since youre going to do something about the problems in Klyton, you feel that youd be fittingly best served in helping to restore order there. There will be problems, and you might encounter them on your way there, but youre going to handle them. Youre going to take up Arms for the good of Klyton. You arrive to the Woesk, which you think to be little more than a waste hole at first glance. But as you make your way to it, you realize that you are mistaken. Most of them are just sleeping, but there are a few who are actively out in the open, on the walls. Some of them are playing a sort of drinking game. Some of the people near you are laughing and flirting and making some sort of crude joke or comment about something youve said to them, and you dont know whether to be relieved or disgusted. At this point youre just too tired to be in a flirty mood, so you just turn around and leave. As you walk along, you hear a voice call out to you. You answer Just some man looking to get some work done. Well, thats how I found out about your need for work. You continue with your workI see youve got several people to manage at each of the locations. You tell your information about the locations to the MilitiaThere are several people living and working at the various locations I have stated. Ill be happy to tell them yourself about them. You tell them to the MilitiaTheir names are Mr.

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