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As you get down from your chair and stand up, you say to yourself, as the crowd goes wild, youll be there on October the 20th supporting President Obama in the Presidential Election. As you go out to the crowd, you see the President and his family and a smiling Michelle Obama. You say a few words and the President waves and says happy birthday to his wife as she grins back at him. The entire crowd joins you in a standing ovation. Obama takes the podium and the crowd goes wild for him. You tell yourself that youll be there in November to support him as well. As the crowd follows you and claps along in support, you realize how far youve come in only 10 months. You go on with your storyYou feel a great sense of pride that youve finally gotten this far and it seems like youve done it without too much struggle. You take a deep breath as you continue to feel the feelings of pride and joy. You walk through to the front door, which are very big and welcoming. You make your way along the crowd to Michelle Obama, who is waving goodbye to you. She smiles at you and says see ya later as you get to your car. You exit into the party and head to your car. You turn on the radio and as you drive, youre struck with how very loud the party is. You start to worry as you wonder if you should turn down the radio or switch to a different channel. You turn off the radioYou turn off the radio and youre on your own. You head out into the parking lot and walk towards the door. You are the first door and as you enter the party you see a lot of people milling about. You look around and see a lot of young people and you do the same. You see Michelle Obama walking towards you. She waves and smiles and says see ya later like the rest of the people in the room do. You start to walk towards her, but someone else in the room says in a high voice Goodbye Mr. Obama and they all go and stand up to do so. You quickly realize what that means and you walk back to the party. Youre a little anxious and nervous about this so you have a hard time walking the last few blocks to your car. When you get there, you are the first one in the parking lot. You get out and see a lot of people milling about and Michelle Obamas husband has come out too. He waves you and shake your hand with his wife. Michelle Obama gives you a big hug and then walks over to you. She grabs your arm and whispers in your ear you know, youve come a long way baby.

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