O English: The Madrid Derby, or simply El Derbi, is the name given to…

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You wonder if you should leave Madrid and go back to Galicia, given the way things are going there. Then you think: this is what you have to give in the first place. When you are with all the rest of the people you know and love, why would you leave them. You cannot bear to leave the city, but you are not sure if Tico Del Rey will stay your home. At this point you are not even sure if you will return home to Tico Del Rey. You stay in MadridYou find the courage to go back to Madrid. You dont want to, but you find that it is impossible not to. Your only concern now is finding a place to live. You decide that you will live with a family in an abandoned building in the heart of the city. It is much easier than you expect: almost no one lives there. However, this family seems to think you are one of the other residents on their doorstep, and if one of the adult siblings sees you, it will not be the first time they have seen you in person while you are playing soccer with a group of friends. You do not even have any problems with the police while in your apartment. The family that now lives in your building seems to be a perfect one; they never let you play outside, but there is just too much to do. One day, in the middle of your chores, you get a visit from your sister who has come to visit. She waves to you excitedly, but your excitement is short-lived when she is greeted by the guard when she enters your room. T going to let her in until she tells him where he can find the body. You continue to work, but at that moment your sister is right. When you are finished with your chores that day, you go with your sister to go live with her mother, who lives in another building on the same street. You never see your father again. You live with your sister as a young woman.

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